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Base Laying / Specifications / Materials, Services & Advice


Due to the unprecedented month on month rising cost of raw materials our static pricing no longer reflects these costs.

Therefore, we will apply a 10% increase to all our pricing with effect 12th July 2021. This increase does not apply to orders placed before this date

Base Laying

EAGLE sheds are designed to be erected on a firm level base, such a base will prolong the life of the shed and is essential if problems such as badly fitting doors and windows are to be avoided. Provided that the proposed site is earth, we can lay concrete paving slabs to form a suitable base.

The prices listed below include our labour charges under average conditions.

Base Laying Prices

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO INCREASE OUR PRICE if the time element included in that price is exceeded due to adverse conditions such as:

  • Excessive slope on site
  • Obstructions such as tree roots, old foundations, fence posts, manholes etc.
  • Distance of site from nearest roadway.

Such extra charges will be at the rate of £40 (inc VAT) per man hour.

Please note that a paving slab base is only satisfactory if the site can be excavated down to the lowest level on the site. If the site requires the existing level of the land to be built up, then a concrete base may be required, for which we will be pleased to quote

Size   Time
3',4' or 5' by 2' or 3' £64 30 mins
6',7' or 8' by 2' or 3' £87 30 mins
4',5' or 6' by 4',5' or 6' £113 1 hr
7',8',9' or 10' by 4'.5' or 6' £168 1hr 30mins
7'.8',9' or 10 ' by 7',8',9' or 10' £249 2hrs 30mins
11',12',13' or 14' by 4',5' or 6' £226 2 hrs
11',12',13' or14' by 7',8',9' or 10' £334 3 hrs

Levelling Frames

All timber buildings require a firm level base if they are to prove satisfactory in use. Failure to provide such a base will lead to the building distorting out of shape so that the doors and windows will not fit properly and may leak.

When the proposed site for a shed is an existing hard surface such as concrete, tarmac, paving slabs etc and the site is not level, we can supply a levelling frame. These frames are made of vacuum pressure treated timber and are levelled using treated packing. Once the frame has been levelled the shed can be erected on it.

COST OF LEVELLING FRAME including INSTALLATION & VAT is £1.60 per sq ft (Subject to minimum charge of £40)

Base Laying Advice

A shed base should be dead level and firm enough to take the weight of the shed (and it's contents) without subsiding.

Concrete, tarmac, paving slabs, concrete blocks and treated timber sleepers can all form suitable shed bases.

We strongly recommend that the base is constructed slightly smaller than the nominal size of the shed so the shed itself will protect the base from the weather.
A shed which is never standing on a wet surface will last many years longer than one which is frequently in a puddle.


Frame Work sheds and Cabin Ex 38 x 75mm
All other models Ex 38 x 50mm
Cladding Shiplap is Ex 16 x 125mm - Loglap Ex 25 x 125mm
Weatherboard is Ex 22 x 125mm
Floor Joists Workshed Ex 38 x 75mm
All other models Ex 32 x 32mm
Floor Ex 19mm tongued and grooved boards
Roof Ex 16mm planed and rebated boards
Roofing Felt 20 kg green mineral finish
Door Ex 16mm tongued and grooved boards
Door Fastener Summerhouses Mortice Lock
Octavia shed: padbolt
Workshed: padbolt
Cabin: security lock
All other models: turn button
Doors Doors can be hinged Left or Right.
Reductions are available for sheds Which do not have a floor and / or are without some other part or section.
Which are collected from our Sandwich factory instead of being delivered.
Please ask our sales office for details

Eagle Sheds - Preservatives and Timber Cladding


All Eagle Sheds are treated with preservative prior to delivery.

Unlined sheds are immersed in a tank.

Sheds lined with a membrane are brushed.

Summerhouses are brushed with Golden Brown preservative.

All timbers in contact with the ground are vacuum pressure treated for long term rot protection.

Coloured coatings are available at extra cost.

Cladding Timber

Eagle sheds are available in two different claddings:

Shiplap and Loglap
Boards which have been planed and moulded to a pattern which has a tongue at the top of each board and a rebate at the bottom.

Two wedge shaped boards are produced by sawing one thicker board diagonally.

These are then fixed to the shed with the thick edge at the bottom overlapping the thin edge of the next board.

The finished boards have a sawn surface, giving a rustic look

Cladding data

Eagle Sheds - Services

Design Service

Free – Design Service for Special Buildings

Planning Applications - Assistance with Planning Applications where required

After Sales Service

We will rectify free of charge defects arising during the twelve months following delivery.

We will normally carry out this work within seven days of being notified of a fault.

When the shed is more than twelve months old, we will be pleased to quote for repair and maintenance work.

Moving, extensions and alterations - We also undertake tasks such as shed moving, extensions and alterations.

Eagle Sheds - Advice

Site Selection

Select a site where access will be possible all the way round the building, so that the timber can be regularly re-treated and any necessary maintenance work can be carried out

Position doors and windows away from the prevailing wind.

Avoid sites under trees, if unavoidable, order heavy duty roofing felt

Where the building has to be sited in a dip, or at the bottom of a slope, dig a ditch and fill with gravel for drainage.

Any paths, patios next to the building should be laid at a lower level and should slope away from it.

Keep plants growing close to the building, well pruned back. Ivy, clematis, hawthorn etc. can do considerable damage to roofing felt.

Maintaining your shed

Re-treat your building with an oil based wood preservative. Do this in Summer when the wood is dry so that the oil can penetrate the timber and repel damp and water through the Winter

Renew roofing felt as soon as it is necessary, do not wait for a drip to become a torrent.

Repair splits and missing knots (resulting from excessive drying out) with a wood filler such as "Tetrion" or "Metolux".

All EAGLE sheds are built to suit your requirements with a choice of design and materials.

Select design, choose door and window positions to suit your requirements.

The materials used are Shiplap or Weatherboard Cladding, treated with preservative prior to delivery.

Our Free delivery area is within a 40 mile radius of Sandwich, Kent.

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We also provide:

  • Base Laying Service
  • All buildings erected FREE of charge
  • Free Design Service for Special Buildings
  • After Sales Service - Repairs, Removals & Extensions